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Making A Grand Enterance

Glenview Doors joins WSD’s Entry Door Lineup Wholesale Siding Depot is pleased to announce the addition of Glenview Doors to its Entry Door System family of products! Glenview Doors is a leading provider of wood entry doors with an emphasis on leading-edge design, product innovation and manufacturing excellence. With styles ranging from modern to classic,

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Mix and Match Siding Profiles for a Unique Look

  Siding Profiles – A Primer Before we tell you how to combine profiles, we should probably start by explaining what they are. The profile of a piece of siding refers to its physical appearance: this includes the shape and height of each panel of the siding, as well as how much of it is

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How to Determine the Quality of a Vinyl Window

Just because some vinyl windows look alike on the outside, that doesn’t mean they’re built the same.   The technology behind vinyl windows and the materials that go into manufacturing them have come a long way over the years. Vinyl windows  were first introduced to American homebuilders and consumers in the 1960s. At a time when

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Rollex Steel Siding: Super Strong All Year Long

We’ve said it before that when it comes to siding products, there’s no shortage of options from which to choose, and each choice comes with its own benefits. But if you’re looking for a siding option that delivers unparalleled exterior protection, few products match the resiliency offered by Super Strong Steel Siding from Rollex. Rollex

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Beauty Set In Stone: Versetta Stone by Boral

Have you ever wanted the beauty of a stone masonry but dismissed the idea as too expensive? If so, then you’re going to love Versetta Stone from Boral.

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Therma-Tru Doors Are Ready To Order!

Wholesale Siding Depot’s selection of entry door products just got a big upgrade with the introduction of Therma-Tru Doors! Therma-Tru made a name for itself by being the first company to introduce fiberglass entry doors onto the market when they debuted their “Fiber-Classic” style doors in 1982. Since then the company has become an industry

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Aluminum Trim Coil in stock at WSD!

Quick trivia question: what’s one of the most versatile building materials currently stocked by Wholesale Siding Depot? If you said “aluminum trim coil” then consider yourself a winner. And if you’re looking for someone who can supply you with tons of the stuff with a selection of more than 50 different colors, then we’ve got

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Fortress Decking now available at WSD!

We offer a lot of quality products here at Wholesale Siding Depot, but we’re always on the lookout for additional home building products to add to our available inventory. We carefully scrutinize new products before offering them to our customers to ensure they meet our high standards for quality and value. That’s why we’re pleased

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Heartland French Doors

Vinyl French Doors from Heartland Windows

Ever Wonder Why French Doors are Called French Doors? It’s something we were pondering recently – so much so that we decided to hop on the ol’ Internet and do some searching. We found all kinds of theories, including one which stated that home owners in France used to be taxed on the number of

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Vytec Prestige siding Wholesale Siding Depot

Vytec siding: performance driven, value priced!

In a prior blog post we described the various siding products available at Wholesale Siding Depot and discussed the various styles and benefits of different materials. Today we want to focus on quality vinyl siding from Vytec. Vytec features a diverse array of vinyl siding products, all of which share a number of key benefits:

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ProVia Storm Door

Storm Doors: Exterior Protection, Interior Comfort

It seems that almost every home in the St. Louis area has a storm door, and with good reason: their benefits are so practical that there’s almost no reason NOT to have one! But sometimes its worth pointing out what those specific benefits are, particularly to skeptical customers who may be questioning their necessity out

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Anderson 400 Series Windows

Andersen’s 400 Series Replacement Windows: the perfect blend of form and function

Most older homes have wood windows, and especially in older homes, those windows almost certainly need to be replaced. It’s no secret that old wood windows are prone to deterioration from exposure to the elements, and are also a liability when it comes to energy conservation and efficiency. But with older homes, there’s the added

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Discover the perks of LP’s BuildSmart Preferred Contractor Program!

If you’ve been following our blog, you may have seen earlier articles where we promote the rebate programs for CertainTeed and EverGrain Decking. However, LP Building Products has taken this concept to another level with the creation of their LP BuildSmart Preferred Contractor program. Launched in 2016, LP’s BuildSmart is a training and loyalty program that provides

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Special pricing on select CertainTeed Insulated Siding products!

In a previous post we talked six different types of siding products available at Wholesale Siding Depot, along with their individual attributes and benefits. Today we wanted to highlight insulated siding – specifically, Hybrid Insulated Monogram Siding and CedarBoards Insulated Siding, both from CertainTeed. Homeowners who opt for either of these premium insulated siding products will

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Make tracks for Trex Decking at WSD!

Composite wood materials were developed in the 90’s and were immediately embraced for use in outdoor decking and rails due to their durability: they are resistant to rot, water and extreme changes in temperatures, and require less maintenance than decks made with wood. Many homeowners also appreciate the eco-friendly nature of composite wood, since it’s

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When it comes to siding, you can judge a home by its cover.

There’s a lot that goes into defining a home’s curb appeal, but arguably the most important element is siding. Siding products have come a long way over the past several decades, and major improvements in manufacturing technology mean there are a wealth of styles, materials and colors available to today’s consumers. Wholesale Siding Depot has

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CertainTeed’s Rewards Program is on the Level

Put some money in your pocket with the 2017 Show Me the Money with No Limits rebate program from CertainTeed. Have you looked into CertainTeed’s “Show Me The Money with No Limits?” It’s a loyalty program that rewards contractors who continue to choose CertainTeed Siding for their projects. Simply purchase any of the designated CertainTeed

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Line up for FREE grids in Viwinco windows during May!

Above images courtesy of Looking to add a touch of character to your windows? Consider customizing them with sculptured grids. Sealed between the glass panes for easy cleaning, grids can provide added dimension to a room and are available in a number of patterns on all Viwinco product lines. All throughout May you can

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EverGrain Decking Rebate Program

Among the many quality brands featured in Wholesale Siding Depot’s inventory is EverGrain composite decking and railing from TAMKO, a leader in composite building products. TAMKO recently made headlines when they debuted their Decking Dollars rebate program for 2017. Available for purchases made between March 1st and November 30th of this year, the Decking Dollars

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Discover the Advantages of One Frame Technology®!

All wood, fiberglass and composite windows have an Achilles heel – that is, the corners on all of their frames and sashes are cut pieces that are fastened, screwed, caulked and sealed. While that sounds well and good on the surface, the reality is that these corner seals are prone to deterioration over time, causing

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A message from Julius Krisanic – President, Wholesale Siding Depot

A lot of price adjustments occur during the beginning of every year. Please be aware that we do our best to control our cost of business. Unfortunately, we have to pass along all price increases that we receive from our partner manufacturers and suppliers. To ensure that you receive the best value available to you,

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189 Dollar Window Evaluation

The Truth About $189 Window Companies

You’ve undoubtedly seen the “$189 windows” offer on billboards or in sales circulars. However, let’s get one thing straight: nobody really buys windows for $189 per unit completely installed and completely trimmed. Years ago, these types of ads were called “bait-n-switch”; today, they’re called “sell-up” or “step-up” ads. Here’s how their $189 Window works: The

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Reminder About Our Upcoming Open House & Trade Show

Wholesale Siding Depot would like to remind you that our annual Open House and Trade Show is taking place this Thursday, March 23rd, 2017. The event will take place from 10 am to 3 pm at the Holiday Inn Route 66, located on the corner of Lindbergh Boulevard and Watson Road in Sunset Hills. Attendees

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The Benefits of Windows & Doors With Internal Blinds

Picture it now: you’re paying a visit to a potential customer who is gathering quotes for new windows and a patio door. Pulling into their driveway, you exit your car and look up in time to see a cat’s face in the window – but just its face; the rest of the animal is hidden

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