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Quick trivia question: what’s one of the most versatile building materials currently stocked by Wholesale Siding Depot?

If you said “aluminum trim coil” then consider yourself a winner. And if you’re looking for someone who can supply you with tons of the stuff with a selection of more than 50 different colors, then we’ve got great news for you.

Anyone who’s worked on a building site knows how multifunctional aluminum trim coil can be: with the help of a portable brake, you can fold and fashion it into any custom flashing profile you  need to cover whatever substrate shape you’re working on.  Need materials for J-channels, Z-flashing or brick moulding?  Aluminum trim coil can be fashioned into all three.  Regardless of what part of the project you need to cover – be it windows, decking, roofing or other – the benefit is the same: aluminum trim coil will protect the underlying wood from the elements while reducing the need for future maintenance.

Over 1,000 Rolls in 56 Colors

Wholesale Siding Depot now stocks over 1,000 rolls of 24”x50’ aluminum trim coil from QAP, with more than 56 colors from which to choose.  Check out our page devoted to our aluminum soffit, trim and coil products to learn more, or stop by our showroom to view our selection first-hand!