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We like a good “Big Box” store as much as the next person. After all, where else can you go to pick up a box of nails and walk out with a shopping cart overflowing with stuff you may or may not need, just because the price was too good to pass up?

However, as with all good deals, those savings come with a catch: what you save on the price tag, you give back in quality.

Take entry doors, for example. Plenty of big box stores have them in stock. But look beyond the enticing price tag and you’ll start to notice the differences: inferior materials, substandard construction, and a lack of customization options. Add it all up and you start to wonder whether or not you really are getting a good value (pro tip: any entry door that needs to be replaced within a few years of being installed is NOT a good value.)

At Wholesale Siding Depot, we pride ourselves on the quality of our entry door systems. Our featured manufacturers – ProVia, Polaris, Masonite and ThermaTru – represent some of the top-rated producers of entry door systems in the industry. Each offers a unique approach in utilizing the finest materials paired with proven high-quality construction, delivering entry door systems of unparalleled style and durability.

Let’s take a look at the components of an entry door system to get a better sense of how our products are built to better standards than what a typical “Big Box” store has to offer:

The Frame:
Ours – Our entry door systems come standard with lifetime warranted rot-proof jambs that feature either full composite, composite bottom or maintenance-free aluminum cladding.
Theirs – Doors from Big Box stores generally come with full wood jambs (no composite or cladding) that will eventually rot.

The Threshold/Sill:
Ours – Our entry doors come standard with adjustable aluminum sills with a composite support. They will not rot, and you can adjust the cap for a tighter, more weatherproof seal.
Theirs – The “Big Box” sills are fixed; you cannot adjust them, potentially leading to air and water infiltration.

The Steel Slab:
Ours – Our typical entry door systems feature steel slabs that can contain as much as 49% more galvanized steel than a 24-gauge slab. ProVia offers a 20-gauge slab, while Polaris offers a 22-gauge slab (the lower the gauge rating, the heavier the steel.) Additionally, the edges of ProVia and Polaris slab are also made of steel for added strength and durability.
Theirs – The steel slabs you find in the “Big Box” store doors are between 24 and 28 gauge steel. Also, the edges of their doors are typically made of wood, which is not as strong or durable as a steel edge.

The Fiberglass Slab:
Ours – Our manufacturers offer many options in fiberglass skins, including oak, mahogany, fir, cherry, knotty alder and smooth. The interior build of the units are also more durable and substantial with heavier interior styles and foam-filled for improved energy efficiency.
Theirs – The fiberglass slabs you find in “Big Box” store doors tend to be less realistic; you’re likely to find that oak is the only textured fiberglass that’s offered. The interior styles will be less robust, resulting in a weaker door slab.

The Finish:
Ours – You can get our doors factory painted or stained, with a warranty of up to 10 years!
Theirs – “Big Box” store doors may come primed or unfinished off the shelf, with no factory paint or stain option.

Selecting the right door can bring you or your customers years of enjoyment and hassle-free maintenance. Just be sure you don’t make that selection based solely on the lowest price. Take a look at our Entry Door Systems page to learn more – and be sure to take advantage of our Free Estimate tool when you’re ready to place your order!