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Featuring Viwinco Windows

Viwinco utilizes Four-Point Fusion Welding exclusively on every window sash and frame that they manufacture in their state-of-the-art fabrication plant. This process creates a strong and durable one-piece sash and frame which eliminates warping or bowing in all windows. All window corners are precision heat welded at 490° for ultimate strength, which wood, fiberglass and composite windows can not duplicate.

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The Achilles Heel of Other Windows

All wood, fiberglass and composite windows have an Achilles Heel — the corners on all of their frames and sash are cut pieces that are fastened, screwed, caulked and sealed, which can deteriorate over time, causing water penetration, moisture problems or costly repairs.

Viwinco windows with their “One Frame Technology®” will not split, rot, expand, contract or gap open. This allows Viwinco windows to achieve excellent structural ratings, including low air-infiltration, and eliminates water penetration.

One Frame Technology® Windows Have a Superior Warranty

Window Typical Wood Window Viwinco
Frame and Sash 10-Year Limited LIFETIME
Insulated Glass 20-Year Limited LIFETIME
Hardware 10-Year Limited LIFETIME
Glass Breakage N/A LIFETIME on Cambridge

One Frame Technology® Window Selection

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