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The first choice for architectural steel cladding for the home.

Designed to create an iconic building aesthetic that will look the same as the first day it was installed, Vesta Steel Siding® is competitive in every way to the classic and upkeep-heavy, wood shiplap. Long and narrow panels seams create a subtle reveal for a maintenance free solution that’s an investment you can count on.

Beauty Born to Last

A Lifetime Limited Warranty that includes fading. Kynar® coating is superior at reflecting the hot, harmful rays of the sun to prevent fading or caulking and forms a thick film barrier that provides resistance against wear and chips.

The Look Of Wood, Without The Maintenance

Keep costly repairs out of sight. Vesta Steel Siding won’t melt in the sun or crack in the cold and resist moisture problems that can lead to mold, mildew and wood rot. Compared with traditional siding, steel siding is durable, and doesn’t need recaulking or repainting over time. This means you can spend years and years loving where you live without the worry of maintenance.

Handcrafted Woodgrain and Solid 5″ Plank Profile

With modern technology in metal coatings, Vesta Steel Siding reinvents shiplap, exchanging wood decay and paint chipping with enduring steel, giving residential design a new classic silhouette.


Building on the industries desire for realistic woodgrains and solids with the performance of steel siding, Vesta has arrived to give your home a look that is as beautiful as it is durable.

The Performance Of Steel Against Nature

Don’t worry about the elements. With an innovative steel core and dependable shiplap configuration, Vesta provides unmatched impact resistance and doesn’t wick water and rot over time like other siding materials. Plus, it holds up to exposure from wind, fire, hail—anything Mother Nature throws at it.

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