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Quality You Can Count On

The roots of Fortress Infinity Decking start in South Africa and spread their reach around the world. The 360º capped decking materials have gone toe to toe in every climate imaginable and never been defeated.

The unique manufacturing process used to produce Fortress Infinity Decking wraps every board with the company’s exclusively-engineered cap, resulting in a deck that is substantially more protected than products that merely adhere to the industry’s minimum standards.  Available in a wide variety of naturally variegated wood tones and colors, Fortress Infinity Decking can perfectly complement any home’s style.

Boards that Stand the Test of Time

Protected by the Fortress Infinity Decking revolutionary capping technology, every board is UV, mold and moisture resistant. All of our state-of-the-art products offer a higher resistance to weathering when compared to traditional decking.

Less Maintenance, More Peace of Mind

Never sand, stain or strain again. Fortress Infinity Decking co-extruded boards require little upkeep. Simply hose down the deck and occasionally sweep to maintain a pristine surface for the life of the product.

A Surface That is Barefoot Friendly

Start exploring the second you step outside. Our co-extruded composite decking is slip and splinter resistant, making it safe for the entire family. Every board is also manufactured with anti-microbial properties which ensures a hygienic surface.

Sustainable to the Core

Using a unique combination of bamboo and recycled plastics, all Fortress Infinity Decking co-extruded composite materials are environmentally friendly and free of the toxic chemicals and preservatives typically used to treat natural wood.

How its Made

  • We start with our unique combination of bamboo flour and polyethylene pellets to create the ideal mixture.
  • Significant amounts of heat and pressure are applied to form a large, continuous block of composite material.
  • Each exotic color is artistically blended while the composite is molded into its final shape.
  • The dual-surfaced board is then embossed with two distinct grain patterns, distressed and natural.
  • In the final stage, the co-extruded composite is cooled and then cut to length.
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