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The Greeks and Romans of Antiquity established the orders of architecture that are still followed today. In its Fiberglass Column products, AFCO maintains that Classical aesthetic, but simply updated the materials. AFCO Fiberglass Columns are not only beautiful the day they are installed but equally stunning for years to come. Unlike wood columns, fiberglass columns are resistant to insect damage. Because they do not absorb moisture, they will not split, crack or twist like wood, which helps lengthen the life of your paint finish in exterior installations. Available in a variety of Round and Square sizes and styles, fiberglass columns are suitable for interior or exterior installations with most styles available with a load bearing rating. Easily compatible with all products in the AFCO-Rail series, AFCO Fiberglass Columns can provide the style your home deserves. They are easy to install, and come with a limited lifetime warranty. Products available include:

  • Pro-Cast columns are centrifugally cast from fiberglass-reinforced polymers, producing a beautiful tapered column, conforming to the Tuscan order of architecture. Two styles of bases are offered, along with five optional capitals. Shaft options include smooth, fluted, split for wrap-around applications and pilasters. Special cuts are available for length or inside/outside corner installations.
  • Pro-Lite square, pultruded fiberglass columns are available in five widths, ranging from 6” wide to 16” wide. These stylish columns feature Tuscan capitals, bases and astragals.
  • For larger diameter applications, AFCO Pro-Fusion columns provide the same Tuscan style and beauty as our smaller cast columns. Compared to other larger diameter cast columns, Pro-Fusion columns are easily modified for wrap-around applications. In addition, the light weight material often eliminates the need for a job-site crane.
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