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Certainteed vinyl soffits provide the air intake needed for proper air flow in attics, and for controlled temperatures indoors. Soffits are typically used as the exposed undersurface of the roof overhang above exterior siding. It’s the ventilation support you need to protect your home from extreme temperatures and moisture. Available in several styles and colors, Certainteed offers the broadest selection of vinyl soffit and accessories in the industry. Products available include:

  • Double 5″ Chamfer Board – A popular vinyl design with an authentic look of beveled-edge wood. Fully vented D5 style soffit in a brushed finish.
  • Triple 3-1/3″ Invisivent – A balanced ventilation system, with at least 50% more ventilation than standard vinyl soffit. Ideal for soffit with an overhang as short as 10 inches.
  • Beaded Triple 2″ – A vinyl soffit panel with the classic appearance of wainscoting. Choose between solid and invisibly vented styles
  • Universal Triple 4″ – A vinyl soffit to instantly beautify a home’s overhang. Choose this finishing touch that also delivers performance, quality and durability
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