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Boral has created an entirely new category of exterior products with its Boral TruExterior® Siding & Trim, offering phenomenal performance, remarkable workability and a lasting look in any environment.

Boral TruExterior® Siding is produced using a minimum of 70% recycled content, and provides a lower-maintenance, easier-to-install alternative to wood and other materials without sacrificing the look, feel and character of traditional wood siding. It accepts a wide variety of fasteners and does not require end sealing or any special adhesives that would add cost to the installation. Additionally, it can be painted any color using high-grade exterior paint.

Made with the revolutionary poly-ash material, Boral TruExterior® Siding & Trim is the only product available today that addresses both the moisture- and movement-related issues commonly seen with other exterior materials on the market.

Boral TruExterior® products contain no wood fiber, preventing the moisture-related issues that commonly plague wood, wood composites and fiber cement.

  • Virtually no moisture cycling
  • No need to prime ends or field cuts
  • Resists rot and termite attacks
  • No swelling
  • No cracking or splitting
  • No cupping or checking
  • Suitable for ground contact

Boral TruExterior® products offer a high level of dimensional stability, eliminating many of the movement-related issues seen with PVC and vinyl.

  • Maintains a high level of dimensional stability
  • Installation is the same regardless of the season
  • No special precautions or adhesives to control or limit movement
  • No need for special paints
  • No limitations on paint colors
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