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Air sealing a home is essential to maintain a structure’s internal temperature. Not only is this important for providing a comfortable indoor climate year-round, but it’s also vital to reducing utility bills by maximizing a home’s energy efficiency.

What is Air Sealing?

Air sealing works by minimizing the amount of air entering and exiting a structure. The two best seasons for accomplishing this are in the spring and fall, before dramatic seasonal temperatures and weather set in. By utilizing caulking, sealant and weather stripping, homeowners can dramatically reduce gas and electric bills, so it’s definitely worth the effort. But effective air sealing can only be done by employing both a reliable sealing product and a comprehensive sealing strategy.

How to Air Seal Like A Pro:

The best way to ensure that a home will be sufficiently air sealed is to conduct a thorough evaluation of areas that are known to be problematic. These “trouble spots” are areas where gaps and cracks can occur due to either high foot traffic or constant exposure.

Interior areas that are susceptible to air leaks include:

  • Attic access doors and panels
  • Shafts for ducts and piping
  • Drop ceilings and soffits
  • Staircase framing, especially at exterior walls
  • Chimney and flu shafts
  • Recessed lighting
  • Electrical outlets
  • Window frames
  • Door jambs

These interior problem spots are usually fairly easy to identify, and can be treated with interior caulks and weather sealing tape.

However, in order for a home to achieve peak energy efficiency, it is essential to identify and treat exterior gaps and leaks with high-performance sealants that can achieve peak energy efficiency. Exterior leaks are most often detected at the seams and edges around windows, doors, soffit and siding.

Products: What The Pros Use

For these jobs, Wholesale Siding Depot recommends high-performance sealants from OSI. They offer a complete line of exterior caulks, sealants and foams that are engineered for maximum durability and designed to withstand the harshest environmental conditions. Additionally, their QUAD® and QUAD® MAX caulks can be color matched to complement and enhance the exterior aesthetic of your home.

Weather sealing does more than just save money and improve comfort: it also reduces the need for repairs and ongoing maintenance resulting from exposure to the elements. With OSI sealants from Wholesale Siding Depot, you’ll ensure that you enjoy all these benefits while making your home perform its best.