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Picture it now: you’re paying a visit to a potential customer who is gathering quotes for new windows and a patio door. Pulling into their driveway, you exit your car and look up in time to see a cat’s face in the window – but just its face; the rest of the animal is hidden behind the mangled remains of its owner’s old, bent-up blinds. The customer, who has come out to greet you, follows your gaze and gives a loud sigh.

“If it’s not the cat, it’s the kids,” they proclaim. “Honestly, it’s like they can’t not destroy the blinds! I guess I just can’t have nice things.”

…Which is the perfect opportunity to tell them about windows and doors with internal blinds.

Internal blinds go by a lot of names, including enclosed blinds, built-in blinds, or between-the-glass shades. They’re a fairly recent development as far as window and door technology is concerned, but they’re becoming more prevalent in new home construction, especially as their benefits become more widely appreciated by consumers.

Three Benefits to Internal Blinds.

Low Maintenance

The most obvious advantages of internal blinds have to do with maintenance: because the blinds are enclosed between two panes of glass in the window or door, they will never accumulate dust or grime – as such, they never require any cleaning. The fact that they are encapsulated also means that the blinds will never suffer abuse at the hands of curious kids or pets.

Reduction in Allergens

Another benefit derived from internal blinds’ enclosed construction is a reduction in allergens. Curtains and conventional venetian blinds are notorious for accumulating lots of dust, pollen, dander and other allergens. This means they need to be cleaned often, especially in homes with asthma or allergy sufferers. By utilizing windows and doors with internal blinds, you get all the benefits of lighting and privacy without the need for constant dusting.

Blind Safety

The third benefit of internal blinds is undoubtably the most important, and that is safety: the pull/tilt cords used to adjust conventional blinds have long been regarded as a safety hazard for pets and young children. Numerous incidents have been reported in which kids and small pets were strangled or otherwise injured when they became ensnared in the pull cord or caught between the individual slats. Although changes have been made in the industry in an effort to prevent such incidents, injuries can and do still occur. However, in the case of internal blinds, there are no hazards because there are no cords; they’re incorporated into the design and construction of the window and door frames, making them absolutely safe for every member of the family.

Wholesale Siding Depot offers a wide variety of door and window styles that include internal blinds. Stop by our showroom anytime and check out the displays from our manufacturers – we’ll be glad to give you a demonstration of how they work!